Ladybird for Good Luck!

Did you know if a ladybird lands on you, it’s meant to be good luck?  That’s the reasoning behind the name of our brand new bridal collection that we’re very excited to receive very soon!


We’ll give you the heads up when these stunning dresses arrive, but in the meantime, get a sneak preview of our favourites right here.

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Wedding Jargon Explained!

Part Two – Colour

Wedding dresses are rarely just white these days. They’re ivory, cream, champagne, blush, the list goes on and on. After a while, it can all seem a bit much. We get lots of people in our shop who have seen a dress they love, but can’t quite describe it. You may have read our post on fabrics (if not, read it here!), this post is for a little help on colour. Ofcourse, there is no rule dictating you must wear white (or a shade of it) on your big day, but most other colours are fairly easy to describe. It’s the subtle differences that can be hard to pin point when you’re looking at traditionally “white” wedding dresses.

So what exactly is the difference between off-white and ivory?



Sometimes called “Diamond White”, it’s the crispest, cleanest white you can get. It looks great on man made fabrics, such as taffeta and satin. But be careful if you’re pale as it can really wash you out.




Apparently the closest to white natural fibres can get, off-white is so very nearly white that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell unless it’s right next to Diamond White.



Ivory is one of those that suits pretty much every skin tone, that makes it a very popular colour! There can still be different shades of ivory, these will be a little warmer than white tones, making it much more universal.



Warmer again, cream is a slightly darker tone than ivory and makes for more of a statement. It looks beautiful in low light, so it’s perfect for an evening do.



Like ivory, champagne can come in all shades, light, mid or dark. Champagne dresses are certainly a statement in comparison and they ooze sophistication, just like the drink!

If you go much darker than champagne, you’re venturing into the beige and coffee colours, which are a little easier to describe.


So, there, when you next go into a bridal boutique and look at all the “white” dresses, you’ll know that there is a little more to it than that!


*Remember, every screen will show colours slightly differently, this is only a guideline!*

Wedding Jargon Explained!

Part One – Fabrics

We get a lot of people come into the shop trying to explain the style of dress that they want, but often struggle to describe what they’re looking for.  I can see a customer making mental notes when I say that the dress she likes is a fishtail style in pale ivory organza. These words can be completely new to you if you didn’t study textiles and you usually wear jeans.

I’m here to break it down for you, so you’ll at least know if you want tulle or taffeta.

ivory tulle fabricTulle.

Tulle can be soft or stiff, it can stick out like a tutu or drape softly around your body. Lots of petticoats include stiff tulle to help the dress stick out. Veils are often made of soft tulle as it’s a lightweight fabric that is practically completely see through. Chances are, your tulle dress is a few layers of tulle on top of a more substantial fabric, like satin, good job too, or everyone would see your wedding knickers!



Embellished Tulle. embellished tulle fabric in ivory

I included this under a separate heading, as customers often don’t associate embellished tulle with tulle as it can look so different. Embellished tulle is exactly the same as regular tulle, but for the addition of sequins, motifs or crystals on top of it. Bear in mind, the embellishments add weight to the tulle so it might not stick out as much as it would if it were plain.

ivory organza fabricOrganza.

Lightweight and see through, organza is similar to tulle in that respect, so you’ll usually find it on top of another fabric. But organza is more classic than tulle, think Disney Princess. It’s a sophisticated fabric that produces beautiful lines when it falls.




ivory satin fabric

The perfect companion to your Disney princess organza dress. Satin is a heavier fabric so makes for great linings but is also making a come back to have as your main fabric. Satin has a beautiful sheen to it and holds it’s shape very well – so your satin train stays put down the aisle! Satin is very smooth which makes it a very comfortable fabric to wear.

ivory lace fabric

A popular choice for Brides, lace comes in all different shapes and sizes, but we’ll stick to the basics for now. Lace can be soft and romantic or it can be a little more structured. Embellished lace is always a show stopper and diminishes the need for lots of jewellery. It is so versatile that lace looks gorgeous with pretty much every other fabric, so many brides have only part of their dress made in lace and team it with another material.


Taffeta. ivory taffeta fabric

If you want the Lady Diana look, taffeta is for you, it is elegant and makes fabulous ball gowns. It also makes beautiful, slightly more subtle dresses too! It’s a crisp fabric that isn’t too heavy but gives full coverage, so linings aren’t always necessary.



Perhaps the most romantic fabric on the list, crepe is a very soft, very lightweight draping fabric. Although it doesn’t tend to keep much structure, crepe is at it’s best when it just falls. Usually used with a lining as, although it’s opaque, a lining will give the dress a little structure. Beautiful when teamed with lace or on it’s own, crepe makes the perfect beach wedding dress. Just make sure the wind doesn’t take it!


Hopefully that clears a few things up for you! Watch this space for Part Two – Colours and Part Three – Styles.

Easter Opening Times

A very happy (albeit chilly!) Easter to you!

We’re going to be closed on Good Friday for some Easter relaxation, but we will be open as usual the rest of the week.

If you’re unsure, drop us an email at or a phone call on 07341133603.

Happy Easter!

easter opening

Jo and Joe!

Last year, we supplied a dress for the Bristol Post Win a Wedding competition. We could barely contain our excitement when winner Joanne came to collect her bespoke gown mid February. Since then, we’ve been drumming our fingers waiting for the photos to come back to us and we were not disappointed!

Talented photographer Andrew Jewell captured the whole day so beautifully.

We must say, Jo looks gorgeous! We made a bespoke gown that suits Jo down to the ground. With a little embellishment and a long train, Jo is so elegant in a look that is completely timeless!

We hope Jo and Joe had a magical day and we encourage you to look at Andrew Jewell’s website for more stunning photography.