Wedding Jargon Explained!

Part Three – Fits

So now you know all about fabrics and colour (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read up on fabric here and colours here), you may have decided that you want something ivory and lacey, or something white and organza but haven’t thought about the style and how it will fit on your body. Enter part three of our jargon buster series, Fits.



A fishtail dress is fitted to your curves until around the knees, then it gently flares out creating a curvy, glamorous silhouette. It will enhance an hour-glass figure and give the illusion of curves to a straighter body.





Think Disney Princess and most people will think Ballgown. Usually fitted on the bodice, a ball gown flares out making your body a bell shape. This is a classic dress, usually quite formal and a guaranteed show stopper.


This is a dress that can be worn with or without a petticoat to give it a totally different look. The tea-length dress
typically stops at the middle of your shin. A petticoat can lift it higher and give it some drama and edge, while without a petticoat, the tea-length dress can be a classic and demure choice.




A style that suits almost every body shape and side, A-line dresses are a popular style. The bodice is usually fitted, like the ballgown, but instead of the dramatic bell shape, the skirt gently slopes down into the shape of an ‘A’.


Very similar to the fishtail, the mermaid dress fits your curves down to your knees, then flares out, but much more dramatically than the fishtail. The mermaid is a great style to show off your figure and maintain the drama of a ball gown.





This style is exactly as it sounds. It simply falls straight down. This style tends to be a little more informal, perfect for a beach wedding!



Well, hopefully, by now you are experts!

If you’re still unsure, talk to a pro. Book an appointment and come for a fitting where you can try on different styles, colours and fabrics and you’ll soon find something you fall in love with. Actually, that’s good advice even if you know what you want, try on a range of styles, and you might just surprise yourself.

*All images depict dresses that are for sale at Lydia Couture at the time of writing.*



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