Wedding Jargon Explained!

Part Two – Colour

Wedding dresses are rarely just white these days. They’re ivory, cream, champagne, blush, the list goes on and on. After a while, it can all seem a bit much. We get lots of people in our shop who have seen a dress they love, but can’t quite describe it. You may have read our post on fabrics (if not, read it here!), this post is for a little help on colour. Ofcourse, there is no rule dictating you must wear white (or a shade of it) on your big day, but most other colours are fairly easy to describe. It’s the subtle differences that can be hard to pin point when you’re looking at traditionally “white” wedding dresses.

So what exactly is the difference between off-white and ivory?



Sometimes called “Diamond White”, it’s the crispest, cleanest white you can get. It looks great on man made fabrics, such as taffeta and satin. But be careful if you’re pale as it can really wash you out.




Apparently the closest to white natural fibres can get, off-white is so very nearly white that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell unless it’s right next to Diamond White.



Ivory is one of those that suits pretty much every skin tone, that makes it a very popular colour! There can still be different shades of ivory, these will be a little warmer than white tones, making it much more universal.



Warmer again, cream is a slightly darker tone than ivory and makes for more of a statement. It looks beautiful in low light, so it’s perfect for an evening do.



Like ivory, champagne can come in all shades, light, mid or dark. Champagne dresses are certainly a statement in comparison and they ooze sophistication, just like the drink!

If you go much darker than champagne, you’re venturing into the beige and coffee colours, which are a little easier to describe.


So, there, when you next go into a bridal boutique and look at all the “white” dresses, you’ll know that there is a little more to it than that!


*Remember, every screen will show colours slightly differently, this is only a guideline!*

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